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A Man and His Dog

Lesley O'Donnell - Saturday, February 22, 2014


Shadow by name and shadow by nature. A perfectly named dog!

Never far from his side, this friendly Blue Heeler has been Grant's constant companion for fourteen devoted years. 

He is a lucky dog who ventures out daily into the exciting world of new sights, sounds and smells when he rides with Grant to work. In his younger days he enjoyed the journey on the tray of the ute but these days he often rides in the comfort of the cab. You can see that he is more than happy with that.



Shadow likes to keep within touching distance of Grant and often rubs up against his legs and, if he can sneak one in, shows his affection with a kiss. This happy, playful dog often rolls over on to his back in the hope of a tummy rub and from what I saw, is always indulged.


These two have a laid back approach to life and clearly enrich each others existence. Indeed, they are true mates.


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