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Two Border Terriers and a Tortoiseshell

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Recently I photographed these two Border Terriers in the comfort of their own stylish backyard. They might be the same breed, share the same home and sport similar rough-textured coats but the similarities seem to stop there. Their personalities, interests and needs couldn’t be more different.


Josie, is the older of the two dogs I had the pleasure of photographing. Although a little reserved, she has the more exuberant nature of the two. She particularly enjoys playing with her collection of “fluffy babies”. 

She is a bit of a character and rather humorously sneezes to attract the attention of her human companions. Josie is self-reliant and prefers to sleep alone on her dog bed on the floor. Very fond of her fellow terrier Leon, she likes to keep his appearance up by personally grooming his ears and face.


Although a successful show dog, Leon is a little anxious about life. His owner described him as being autistic so he can be a little obsessive and not sure about new situations or people. Fortunately he wasn’t bothered by my presence or by having his photo taken. A friend of mine refers to me as a dog whisperer so maybe Leon has proven this to be true. 

His favourite toy is a pink ball but he does also like to search for possums in the tall trees that stand in the rear of his yard. He must see himself as a hunter as he once stalked and caught an unsuspecting pigeon.


Nina, a Tortoiseshell Domestic Shorthair, is the third pet in this family but like many cats lives an independent life. She was not expected to stay around during my visit so I was delighted to sneak a few images of her as she checked out what we were up to in the garden.

I love how the hues of these two canines and the feline of the house blend so beautifully. You couldn’t design a more perfect colour match so I know these images are going to look great together displayed on the wall in their home.


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