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Pug Love - Pet Photography Melbourne

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, August 15, 2014


People who love pugs ABSOLUTELY LOVE pugs! There is something about their cute little wrinkly faces, their curling tongues, corkscrew tails and pleading eyes that draw you into their souls.

Christel is no exception and after her previous two sadly died she adopted Abby and Lexi from Pug Rescue. She now volunteers with the organisation to help find loving families for other pugs needing caring homes.


She doesn’t mind that they shed copious amounts of hair requiring her to vacuum every day or that they require much of her time to keep them clean and healthy. For Christel the companionship they provide far outweighs their inconveniences. They just love to be with her and she, in turn, just loves to be with them. This is ideal as pugs are a breed who thrive on close human company.

At 5 years old, Abby is the older of the pugs and has a quiet and calm manner that matches her maturity. Lexi is only a year old and, as you might expect with a puppy, is much more lively in nature and can sometimes be described as playfully naughty.

Also part of this family is Chloe who is a 2 year old Chihuahua cross. She is a clever little dog and likes to stand up on her hind legs as if to prove it.


These three little rescued dogs have all found their slice of heaven with Christel and her husband Alec.


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Three Rescued Dogs Find Love

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, October 24, 2013


I have noticed with the kind caring souls who rescue animals that they often take more than one into their homes. Gayle is no exception and gave a home and her love and affection to these three little tackers.


Aged 14 the Miniature Fox Terrier is the oldest dog in this family. Not so drawn to affection Pip tends to be rather bossy and cranky with other canines and humans alike. She is very much her own being and not easily persuaded by others.


Ollie, a 7 year old Maltese cross, is the ratbag of the family who cleverly begs sitting upright on his hind legs. It is a trick that commands him attention and admiration. He also loves to snuggle down in comfort on the soft furnishings or in Gayle’s arms. 


Gayle described Kenny, the 11 year old Chihuahua cross, as a caring gentleman. He stepped into a very important role when her husband was dying of cancer as, unusually, he was allowed into intensive care to offer his support and comfort. Other patients also found consolation from the opportunity to pat and cuddle him. Sadly Kenny has recently lost his own battle with cancer. This dear wee dog will surely be missed by all who let him into their hearts.

Photographing these three dogs at their holiday house and later at the beach was great fun and I love these three photos of them featured on the back cover of their photo album.

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Pet Photography Melbourne - Rescued Dogs

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I love the interaction in this family photo. It was a very funny shared moment when I asked Den and Lee to just chat to each other while I took their photos. I thought it would result in a casual feel but it turned into a great lesson in how differently we all interpret the same language.

Initially Den kept her gaze towards the camera and started talking about domestic things such as grocery shopping and what to have for dinner. A bit more serious than what I had in mind but when I explained more carefully what I meant both women burst out laughing and bingo I had this gorgeous shot.

How seriously cute is the little button face of Miss Lilly, the fourteen year old Yorkshire Terrier cross. She is such a happy little dog and loves nothing more than cuddling on Lee’s lap at every chance she gets. She collects toys which she hides under the bed and does a fine job of sitting up on her hind legs and begging for treats.

Suzie, the Japanese Chin, is the serious member of the family and the special favourite of Den. Although playful and amusing with her antics of spinning in circles, I was warned that Miss Suzie was a nervous, wary type who is not very friendly to strangers and may not be a willing participant in the photos. However, I weaved my magic and was not only able to get great images of her by herself but also with her sisters and two mums. Yay!

All of these little treasures are rescued and Miss Honey, the Chihuahua, is the latest addition to this family. Like Suzie, she was rescued from a puppy farm where she lived in appalling conditions for five years continuously having litters of puppies. When Den and Lee first met her she was in a sorry state with her teats hanging down to the ground from the constant demands of feeding her hungry pups. 

She also had dry eye which is a painful condition that the puppy farm owners did not treat. So cruel! Subsequently she lost her left eye.

With much love and attention from Den and Lee, Honey is now a happy, loving little dog who seeks out heat and affection. Who can blame her for that?


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