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Melbourne Pet Photography - Lion on the Loose

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, August 02, 2011

WuTang taking a break in the inner city

Some dogs are always going to demand attention. They just can’t help it, especially if they happen to look like a lion. Everyone does a double take when they lay their eyes on a Chow and most people can’t resist the urge to sneak their hand into his beautiful soft mane. 

I had so much fun photographing this beautiful boy in the streets of inner Melbourne. Isn’t the location gorgeous! I was so excited when I discovered this building and can’t believe it has now been painted over. Would you believe the painters have attempted to give the building an aged patina. I can't believe they couldn't see it already had one!

This striking dog can never be taken on an outing without being noticed. On one such occasion a whole busload of Japanese tourists screeched to a halt so that everyone on board could take a photo as he and his mum wandered down the street.

Wu Tang’s mum calls him her antidepressant dog as everyone who comes up to meet him walks away with a smile on their face. It’s true too - I witnessed it with my own eyes as we sat at a sidewalk bar enjoying a glass of wine after the shoot.

Anne commented on 03-Aug-2011 11:42 AM
Wow what a beauty he is and no wonder you enjoyed photographing him. He looks like he is enjoying himself too. No wonder people like to stop and stroke him as he looks so placid and as though it is his right to be made a fuss of. You did him proud with the photo.

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