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Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Janina Schuster - Dog Trainer from Fun4Dogs

Janina from Fun4Dogs arranged for me to photograph her so that she had some great shots for her dog training website. She rang me excitedly to let me know that she had arranged for eight dogs to be present for her photography session. My first thought was wow - that will test our combined skills - hers as a dog trainer and mine as a pet photographer.

But, how good is the result?!  

I feel so proud of this photo as I got all eight dogs and Janina to look at me at the same time and that is no easy task. My previous best achievement was with five dogs and two children and I felt really chuffed with that. Getting eight dogs arranged in a pleasing manner and all looking at me at the same time ... well I feel like I deserve a gold medal. 

Janina was great to work with and she certainly knows how to control the dogs under her care. Eight at once is a challenge though and wisely she had a couple of friends along to help organise the dogs while she and I positioned ourselves. Their assistance was invaluable and it would have been ten times harder without them. You move one dog and those already perfectly arranged tend to move too so each time you want to alter something you pretty much have to start from scratch. But as you can see from this photo we eventually got there.

I also had a friend and colleague, Leanne Temme, along to take some shots of me with the dogs. You can check out the result on the About Us page. I love the photo and have had lots of compliments about it on Facebook.

Janina is not only a great dog trainer, she is also skilled at baking cakes. She brought along two on this shoot and our team and the dog parents certainly all enjoyed her thoughtfulness. Delicious!

Anne commented on 09-Nov-2010 09:40 AM
What a great effort on both your parts. Must be wonderful to be able to control so many dogs at once, many people can't manage one properly. The photos are great and if we had a dog I sure would be interested in a sitting for it.

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