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Bulldog Fans Shot by Pet Shots Photography

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, October 05, 2016


With the exciting win by the Western Bulldogs in the AFL Grand Final this year it seemed only appropriate to photograph a Bulldog to celebrate the momentous occasion. 


So it was that this Australian x English Bulldog, donned the club colours and posed perfectly as a loyal and excited supporter. I could not have asked for a more cooperative and fun canine model.


Clover Bell enjoyed endlessly chasing a small football up and down the aisles of the grandstand, slobbering copiously all over it as she did so. 


You can tell by her swollen, extended tongue that this gorgeous girl was enjoying her active outing. The more tongue exposed the greater the ability to keep cool but I did marvel at how such a big muscle would ever fit back inside her mouth when she closed it.


I waited for the moment when Clover would reward Cal with a full wet slap on the face but she was a true lady with manners and was content to be just held and cuddled by him.



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Rescued British Bulldog Finds Love

Lesley O'Donnell - Monday, June 27, 2016


Vito is not sure what traumas Snookie suffered in the past but when she came to live with him she was extremely timid and anxious. Taking her into his care has meant devoting himself to improving the life of his adopted British Bulldog.


It took a long time for her to feel confident enough to come out of her crate in his presence. Initially she would only venture out of it during the dead of the night to feed from her bowl when she was certain Vito was sound asleep.


Happily Vito’s perseverance, love and patience has paid off and Snookie can now walk on a lead, meet other people and explore her neighbourhood without being petrified. Understandably she is now very loyal and affectionate with her rescuer and known to plant big sloppy kisses on his cheek. In turn she has taught him responsibility and brought him happiness.


These two now enjoy daytime outings to their local parks and spend their evenings curled up together on the couch. Domestic bliss for both of them!  

Pet-Shots-Photography-British-Bulldog-Looking Up

 Snookie featured in my latest fund raising coffee table book featuring stories and photos of people and their pets. If you would like your pets to star in the fourth edition please register your interest here. I would love to have you on board!


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Country Kelpie moves to Melbourne

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tristan met Cork as a newborn puppy while staying with a friend in country Victoria. He fell for him immediately but was instructed by his urban based parents that he was not to get another dog while living at home with them. You know how it goes: young man gets a dog, young man stays away some nights with friends, young man studies and works and then young man travels or moves overseas leaving the parents to become the care givers, exercisers and providers for the dog. 

Tristan stayed on the farm for a few weeks while on a country assignment. The more time he spent with this dear little Kelpie pup the more their hearts became entwined. 


Hard to ignore his desire to have Cork permanently in his life, Tristan developed a plan to subtly introduce him to his other family members and took him for a weekend visit to Melbourne. Ingeniously, he did this several times until everyone else had fallen for the puppy too. His plan worked and when Tristan returned to the city full time Cork came with him.


Cork absolutely adores Tristan and is always wanting to please him. I admire how this young man has invested the necessary time to train his canine companion to be so obedient and well behaved. He looks at Tristan with soulful eyes for guidance and loves riding in the car with him to destinations that always reward with doggie adventures.

Cork was a dream to photograph when he had his “pet portraits” taken as a celebration of his first birthday. Kelpies are so synonymous with this country and I love how Tristan included, with a fashionable twist, other Australian icons such as his Akubra, RM Williams boots and moleskins into their photography session.


This match has worked out perfectly for both man and his best friend.


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A Tribute to My Pet Loving Father

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, October 21, 2015


In his later years my Dad, Barrie O'Donnell, had a particularly soft spot for cats and small dogs. They seemed to know it and would gravitate towards his lap and curl up with him on his recliner chair for a snooze in the afternoon sun.

These appreciative creatures didn't even have to be his own.

He didn't exactly attract strays but he did welcome neighbourhood cats into his home where they would secretly exchange mutual affection.

He liked to sneak them tit bits in the same way a loving grandfather would spoil his grandchildren with an ice-cream while on an outing. 

Mini, the love child of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mother and her Jack Russell beau, was perhaps, his favourite little dog over the past few years. She lived with my brother's family but was always excited when Dad went to stay. She liked to sit up on the back of the couch with her head resting on his shoulder or the top of his head. There, he was often observed feeding her little treats of cheese. They adored each other.

Mini died a couple of years ago and even though my brother's family have other dogs, none of them filled the gap left by the departure of Dad's favourite.

This year, at the end of June, my father passed away so sadly no more cats and dogs will get to enjoy the delights of his tender exchanges. Thankfully I have this image to remind me of the special bond he shared with this dear little dog.

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