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Pet Shots Photography - Look Alikes

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, October 21, 2014


They say that people and their pets can look alike. With their striking green eyes and vibrant coloured hair these two certainly share some similarities.

This pretty Domestic Shorthair was originally known as Lenny Penny. However, once she came into Jessica’s care, the Lenny was dropped and she became known by the more feminine and suitable name of Penny.

Jessica volunteers with Animal Aid as a foster carer for kittens and rabbits in need of a loving environment until they find their forever homes. She got to know Penny as one of her wards.

Penny’s sisters were adopted quickly as kittens but Penny was never so lucky and she remained at Animal Aid for quite some time as she grew into an adult cat. People were attracted to her beautiful tortoiseshell markings but were not able to bond with her as she always nervously ran away when anyone tried to pat her or pick her up. 

Luckily, Jessica fell for her and decided to adopt Penny herself. Once the decision was made Jessica walked straight in to the cat enclosure, picked her up and placed her in a box to take her home. That surprised everyone at the shelter. As Jessica put her into the car, she looked through the holes of the box and Penny looked back and gave her a little thank you meow.

Although not “snuggle buddies” Penny instantly settled in with Toby, the family’s other cat. They enjoy playing together and just hanging out.

After four years of living with her family, Penny is still nervous of new people and doesn’t enjoy being picked up. However, she is very clever and responds to many word commands including “down stairs” “ into bed” and “time to come in”. Penny does love spending time with family members and indulging in their affection. However, she has particularly bonded with Jessica and looks to her to feel secure and protected.


Penny was very interested in meeting the three little green tree frogs who also live in her house (see previous blog) although it appears that one of them was a little unsure of meeting her.

If you would like to star with Jessica and Penny in the next edition of our fund raising book “Connected Tales III” please register here. We would love to feature images of you and your pets and tell your unique story. Entries are closing soon.


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Beloved Baker Boy

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, March 06, 2014

Striking is the most appropriate word to describe this tabby Domestic Shorthair cat. With his vibrant orange nose, bright green eyes and magnificent coat he presents himself as a work of art.

Baker’s beautiful symmetrical stripes are clearly visible for all to see. However, when he rolls over onto his back hopeful of a tummy rub, you discover he conceals cheetah-like spots on his chubby underbelly. This kittenish position also reveals the jet black soles on his paws. Claire cherishes these things about her beloved cat.

His lively nature is revealed in bed where Baker loves to pounce on Claire and Bob’s toes. I suspect they wriggle them a little to enhance and lengthen the activity.

Boisterous Baker’s love of amusing games also keeps Bob entertained. He loves to indulge Baker by playing with him and has given him many feline toys to keep him playfully occupied. Favourite interactions revolve around feathers, toy mice and a long brightly coloured tunnel. 

This rescued cat was fortunate to find such a loving home.  He brings so much joy into it.


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