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Mr Clooney - Canine Movie Star

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, August 02, 2018

Pet Shots Photography, German Shepherd, Smiling

Let me introduce you to Kaiser, a most handsome 9 year old Long Haired German Shepherd.

He is a movie star!!!

Particularly known for his role in the 2017 independent Australian movie “What If It Works?” Kaiser proudly walked the red carpet with his other starring cast members when it was launched at the Lido Theatre in Hawthorn.

He also starred as himself in “Some Happy Day” which was filmed this year in St Kilda and Daylesford. He has many other film, TV and modelling credits to his name.

Pet Shots Photography, German Shepherd, Sitting

I met him when he came into my photography studio recently to update his agency head shots. It is what all stars must do - keep current, relevant and able to stand out from the crowd when casting agents are looking for talent!

Pet Shots Photography, German Shepherd, Movie Star Dog, Standing Sideways

His luxuriously long black and red coat, engaging eyes and dashing good looks have earned him the nickname “Mr Clooney”; a reference to another “Mr Clooney” many of us ladies swoon over. This canine version is now also sporting a distinguished sprinkling of silver around his face and, as with George, it has done nothing to diminish his appeal.

Pet Shots Photography, German Shepherd, Headshot

The bond between Kaiser and Merran, his adoring guardian, is obvious as soon as you meet them. They have been housemates since Kaiser was 8 weeks old and as time progressed they also unexpectedly became work colleagues.

Not only is Kaiser in demand but he also introduced Merran into the world of film and television and she now works as a handler with other dogs on various productions. So it really has been a match made in heaven for these two.

Like many large dog breeds, Kaiser was responsive to being rewarded with treats for being such a well mannered and co-operative subject in the studio. As you might imagine he was also very responsive to commands and was joy to work with.

Pet Shots Photography, German Shepherd, Standing

May he continue to be in hot demand in the film and television world.


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German Shepherd Lives the Good Life

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, April 08, 2014

You have to be impressed by sons who give their mother something she will really value. 

I was genuinely touched when I learnt that Christina’s boys had gifted her funds towards a pet photography session with her beloved German Shepherd Max. So thoughtful and considered. 

Of course I was also thrilled that she chose Pet Shots Photography as the studio for the assignment.


Christina describes her gentle giant as a dog for all places. 

He does indeed enjoy a life full of variation rather than one with a predictable routine. 

His early years were spent as a city dog living in a large apartment; an exciting environment full of changing sights, sounds and smells to thrill his senses. During this period he also spent his days hanging out (or perhaps even helping out) at the family business headquarters.

Max rarely spends his weekends in the city though, as he regularly joins his devoted family at their country property. A perfect lifestyle option that offers him the chance to run free and swim in the dam; one of his favourite activities.


These days 7 year old Max resides comfortably in a grand period home in an inner city suburb. His walks with Christina around the tree lined streets now bring him into contact with suburban curiosities such as cats and other dogs. However, Max is not so keen on others of his own species, preferring to keep the company of his two legged companions.



This intelligent dog with a happy temperament endears himself with his loyalty, cheekiness and innocence. His approach to life seems to be just to enjoy it.


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Melbourne Pet Photography - Love to Share

Lesley O'Donnell - Saturday, September 07, 2013

As a teenager Jessica volunteered at an animal rescue shelter. It was there that she fell in love with this German Shepherd who at the time was just eighteen months old. Her caring family decided she would be the perfect eighteenth birthday present for Jessica and there began a strong bond between a dog in need and a girl with love to share.

At the time Jazz was a dog who was scared of men in glasses and the smell of cigarettes. So one can only imagine the terrible time she endured in the past. I am so pleased that she was surrendered by her abuser and embraced into a caring home where she can live a happy life.

Now Jazz is a loving, intelligent, obedient and protective companion who loves to play with balls and go swimming, walking and camping with Jessica and her partner Ben and his young puppy Ace. 

Ace is also a German Shepherd and quite striking with his jet black coat. Although handsomely tall and much bigger in build than Jazz, he still has a playful puppy’s approach to life. He loves nothing more than playing in water so at the end of the shoot we indulged him and let him repeatedly fetch a ball from the river. He was in heaven!


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Kiss of Life

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, December 31, 2010

Serious tiff or a fun game?

Just like children, canine siblings are best friends one moment and arch rivals the next.

Bacardi and Jackie, both German Shepherd crosses, largely get on really well but sometimes your sister can just push you too far and you have to fight back.

These dogs actually have a really compelling history because once Jackie, the darker of the two, killed Bacardi. Yes, as remarkable as it sounds, it is true! 

They were play fighting when Bacardi got her teeth stuck in Jackie’s collar and in trying to release herself the tightening collar was slowly strangling Jackie. The entangled dog was totally freaked out by not being able to break free. But it was way worse for Jackie as she stopped breathing and turned blue.

Luckily Cindy, one of their parents, had not yet left for work, investigated the commotion and was able to disengage her beloved dogs and apply mouth to nose resuscitation to bring Jackie back to life! That’s a dedicated animal lover if ever there was one.

Jackie and Bacardi had their photos taken to support Pet Shots Photography in raising funds for Animal Aid and will appear in the forthcoming limited edition coffee table book to be published later this year. If you and your pets would like to be part of this programme please register here

It's all sisterly love in this photo

Anne commented on 02-Jan-2011 12:54 PM
What a tale to tell and really remarkable. What a lucky dog to have Mum handy to save her. Lovely dogs ordinarily I can see that. Great photos.
Lesley Humphreys commented on 03-Mar-2011 08:04 PM
Beautiful photos Lesley ... can't believe how you have captured these two looking so perky

Lesley H

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Two Beautiful German Shepherds

Lesley O'Donnell - Monday, September 06, 2010


       Hannah (10) with younger sister Ebony (5) relaxing at home in their garden

Recently I photographed two beautiful German Shepherds in their outer Melbourne suburban home. Both of them had striking coats that flattered their fine features.

Hannah was friendly from the outset but it took a bit longer to win over Ebony’s confidence and trust.

Cheryl and Roland, their owners, had told me that Ebony acts brave with strangers while hiding behind them and that is pretty much what she initially did. However, as you can see in this photo, it wasn’t long before she was posing proudly for her photographs.

Hannah apparently loves to chase the household cat and I only caught one glimpse of Princess as she quickly ran past when the dogs were occupied with me on the lawn. I would have loved it if she too had posed in front of Ebony in this photo but that was perhaps just asking a little bit too much.

Hannah and Ebony are helping to raise money for animals less fortunate than themselves. If your pets would also like to help please fill in the registration form and we will contact you shortly.

Anne commented on 07-Sep-2010 02:13 PM
Beautiful photos you take, I love them all, keep it up and I am sure the owners of all these animals that you photograph will treasure them for ever. Photos last forever.
Caitlin commented on 10-Sep-2010 10:46 PM
What beautiful dogs! Never seen German Shepherds look so soft as adults! Lovely photo =)
Barrie commented on 11-Sep-2010 10:08 AM
What a lovley pair these dogs are.Bet the owners are sooo proud and you did a good job of the photo too.

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