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Green Tree Frogs - Pet Photography

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, September 25, 2014

People often ask me if I have photographed any unusual pets. There have been a few over the years but I think these three Green Tree Frogs now occupy the number one spot.

Tree frogs can be tiny

When I researched online many of the images I saw showed them as being as small as a fingernail. Fortunately this trio were fully grown but I wondered how I was going to photograph them in an engaging, connected way with Jess.

She obviously adores her three fascinating little charges and can easily tell them apart as they have different body shapes, faces and personalities. 


Bea is the pretty frog who is happy to be held and is often awake during the day. Chanel spends all her time sleeping and eating and, maybe because of this, is the biggest frog. Dexter is the lone male and interestingly the tiniest. He is the most active of the three and the only one with a “croaky” voice.

Tree Frogs need to stay warm and moist and pet ones usually spend their entire lives in the safety of a terrarium. With this in mind we took our time photographing them, had the heater on high and returned them often to the humidity of their glass fronted home.


I am delighted with the images and I especially love the reaction Jess had when she felt their sliminess against her skin as one slid down her chest. Priceless!


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