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Melbourne Pet Photography - Herald Sun Article

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, February 24, 2012
How lucky to be interviewed as an expert in my field! Thanks to Paula Beauchamp for writing the article.

Thanks also to my clients Kathryn Foster and Hayden Varcoe for relating to the media the importance of their pet photos. Beautifully said.

Katrhyn Foster and Hayden Varcoe are grateful for the photos O'Donnell took of their pug Mylee and French bulldog Beau. A large canvas hangs in their living room.

"Mylee was diagnosed with leukemia around that time, so it's the most beautiful memory you could hope to have," Ms Foster said. "Even the way they've been photographed suits their personalities and you can see the bond between our dogs and us."

As quoted in the article that featured in the business pages of the Herald Sun ...

When portrait specialist Lesley O'Donnell saw a niche and set up Pet Shots Photography three years ago, the business had few competitors.

"Fifteen years ago, people would never have organised a photo session around their pets. Today, the pet is often the whole reason for having photos taken."

Professional photographers say it has become harder to succeed in business since the rise of digital technology, because untrained people can more easily set businesses up.

And the importance of savvy marketing has grown.

O'Donnell released a coffee table book featuring portraits of owners and their pets in December.

The book was conceived in part to raise funds for Animal Aid and to raise the profile of her business. 

Connected Tales features more than 50 pets and has raised $4,500 for the charity. "It celebrates the fascinating role pets have come to play in people's lives," O'Donnell said. "It's heartwarming."


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