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Pet Photographer Photographs Daylesford Dogs

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pet Shots Photography, Whippet, Jack Russell, Autumn

This is a story about two country-town dogs I photographed a season ago when Victoria was painted in splendid autumnal colour. 

They live in the beautiful historical town of Daylesford, a couple of hours drive from Melbourne. It was a joy to photograph these two rescue dogs both at home and in the magnificent Wombat Hill Gardens making the most of the picturesque scenery afforded in both. The late autumn conditions were cold but calm and it was not hard to find stunning locations to use as the backgrounds for the photos. Apparently just one week later all the trees were bare and winter had arrived so we were so lucky with the timing.

Pet Shots Photography, Whippet, Jack Russell, People

I had photographed Bert, the Jack Russell cross, along with four other small dogs with whom he shared his home at the time in my photography studio when he was a younger pup. Sadly the others have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge and although Bert has lost some of his teeth and has had a chunk bitten out of his ear he still has a spring in his step and is keen for an outing where he can sniff out new smells and, with the odd bark, draw the attention of strangers walking by.

Pet Shots Photography, Whippet, Autumn

This time though the focus was on the new canine addition to the family. She is a Whippet/Kelpie cross who loves chasing feathered creatures and consequently was named Tippi in reference to Tippi Hedron who starred in the movie “The Birds”.

Pet Shots Photography, Whippet, Autumn, Close Up Dog

Her brindle markings and bright pink collar were beautifully complimented by the yellow, orange and pink hues of the autumn leaves. They seemed to be the perfect backdrop to enhance this feminine dog’s features.

Apparently Bert is not fond of being touched so it was a most happy conclusion to my day when he snuggled right into me as we sat on the couch with his human family while they selected the images to adorn the walls in their home.

Pet Shots Photography, Jack Russell, Autumn

To have this darling wee dog choose my company and seek my affection topped off my perfect day out in the country!


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Studio Portraits of Diva the Dog

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, March 09, 2016


This adorable dog called Diva does not reflect her name by being an actress, famous singer or performer. However, there are several descriptions of diva in the Thesaurus that seem appropriate terms to describe this adorable little Jack Russell Shi Tzu cross.

Perhaps interpreting diva to mean heroine the words ace, worthy, ideal, champion, leading lady and popular figure all seem to suggest exactly what she is to her human companions.

To me, she also earned the title of “perfect model” when she recently came to the studio for her pet photography session. 

Her photos were taken as a surprise for one of her dads and, printed in black and white, will join two other framed pieces featuring Diva with her brother Nelix who is sadly no longer here. 


Francis informed me that resting in the soft comfort of an easy chair is Diva’s absolute favourite pass time and that, at 13 years of age, it is where she spends most of her time. So it seemed only appropriate that chairs were going to be the ideal prop for her photo shoot. Diva posed beautifully with a few different combinations of chairs, cushions and blankets. 

These two images with contrasting expressions and totally different pieces of furniture were the ones Francis selected as the gifts for John.  I think he will be thrilled, don’t you?

Please contact us if you would like to give someone a portrait of their dog, cat or other pet. It makes for a very special, personal gift.


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Pet Photography Melbourne - Foxy Lady

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Lollie - little, loving and loyal

Lollie is a dear wee dog who is an incredibly loyal friend to Nic. Not so long ago she illustrated her devotedness when Nic was unwell for an extended period. She snuggled up in bed beside her and stayed like that for hours, gazing up at Nic as if to say, “I am here for you no matter what.” Her companionship through that tough time was certainly appreciated and in turn Nic does all she can to ensure that Lollie has a great, adventure filled life.

A Jack Russell Fox Terrior cross, Lollie’s personality can be described with three words - little, loving and loyal. Throughout the time I spent with her she was quiet and well mannered but Nic assures me that she also has a fun, crazy and energetic side to her too and knows how to draw a laugh with her dancing antics.

So cute, I could have swooped her up and taken her home with me!

Cathy commented on 27-Jun-2013 10:34 AM
Very cute photos

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Pet Shots Photography Wins Competition

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Can I Come Too?

I am so excited today as this photo just won the People’s Choice prize in an American professional photography competition. Yee haah!

The competition will ultimately be judged by a panel of professional photographers but while it is running the public can vote each week for their favourite photo.

There are four more weeks to go so if you would like to support me you can vote for my new photo here. Votes need to be in by Monday.

The subject of this winning photo is Mini, the love child of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mother and her Jack Russell beau. She is a sweet little dog who loves to sit on your lap or shoulders when you are relaxing on the sofa. She has a protective nature and loves to be included in everything that is going on.

Now 11 years old she lives in New Zealand with my brothers family. Although the smallest dog in the busy household she is definitely the boss over all visiting dogs and the two cats she shares her own home with.

Mini is also working hard to help other animals less fortunate than herself - click here to see how.

Anne commented on 10-May-2011 12:43 PM
Yes she is all that you say and sometimes much more too. She also isn't past hopping into your bed with you given half a chance but always very loving and protective of the family. Yes she even bosses Granddad and goes to sleep on his shoulders while sitting
on the couch, both having a little "Zizz"!

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Never Too Old To Model

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Recently I was honoured to photograph the oldest dog I am likely to meet. Aussie the Wire Haired Jack Russell pictured here with Samm (his sister in the family unit) is an admirable 21 years old!

I looked up several sites on the web and it seems that equates to 97 human years so he is definitely a granddaddy of dogs.

I had to wait until late afternoon before I could photograph him because he doesn’t usually wake each day until 4.00pm. But, hey at his age, I think he is entitled to a bit of a lie in.

Blind and deaf as the elderly often become, he had the physique of a much younger healthy dog and it was hard to comprehend how old he actually was. I was thrilled with how he posed for his photos as he put on such a good face and looks alert and proud.

Samm, the beautiful two year old Whippet sitting beside Aussie, just loved posing for the camera and I am sure she is convinced she is a model.

Samm and Aussie - the first models photographed for the Pet Shots limited edition coffee table book. We are looking for other pets to join them in raising funds for Animal Aid.

Anne commented on 05-Aug-2010 07:09 PM
He sure doesn't look that old but quite sprightly and I hope I look that good when I am 97, that is if I am lucky enough to get that far! Wish it could be said of us humans that we were never too old to model! Might then be hope for me!! Well done and all the best.

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