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Country Kelpie moves to Melbourne

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Tristan met Cork as a newborn puppy while staying with a friend in country Victoria. He fell for him immediately but was instructed by his urban based parents that he was not to get another dog while living at home with them. You know how it goes: young man gets a dog, young man stays away some nights with friends, young man studies and works and then young man travels or moves overseas leaving the parents to become the care givers, exercisers and providers for the dog. 

Tristan stayed on the farm for a few weeks while on a country assignment. The more time he spent with this dear little Kelpie pup the more their hearts became entwined. 


Hard to ignore his desire to have Cork permanently in his life, Tristan developed a plan to subtly introduce him to his other family members and took him for a weekend visit to Melbourne. Ingeniously, he did this several times until everyone else had fallen for the puppy too. His plan worked and when Tristan returned to the city full time Cork came with him.


Cork absolutely adores Tristan and is always wanting to please him. I admire how this young man has invested the necessary time to train his canine companion to be so obedient and well behaved. He looks at Tristan with soulful eyes for guidance and loves riding in the car with him to destinations that always reward with doggie adventures.

Cork was a dream to photograph when he had his “pet portraits” taken as a celebration of his first birthday. Kelpies are so synonymous with this country and I love how Tristan included, with a fashionable twist, other Australian icons such as his Akubra, RM Williams boots and moleskins into their photography session.


This match has worked out perfectly for both man and his best friend.


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Treat of a Dog - Pet Photography Melbourne

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, May 14, 2015


Every now and again I photograph a dog who is so damn gorgeous I could take them home to live with me. 

Felix is one such delight.


Thought to be a Kelpie Ridgeback cross, he has good looks, a charming personality, is content with himself, very intelligent and has an abundance of affection to share. He understands a great deal of vocabulary and responds earnestly to much of the conversation he shares with his companion Kris. 


These qualities are probably why he prefers to be part of what humans are involved in rather than spending time with other animals. Venturing out on foot (or should I say paw) and in the car are favourite activities but nothing beats curling up on the couch at home watching videos with Kris. 


This is seriously one lovely, loving and much loved dog.


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Pet Photography Melbourne - Kelpie Kisses

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, August 09, 2013

Beautiful markings, a silky soft coat, friendly with an engaging smile; Tumbles is a stunner. This gorgeous dog is also gentle in nature and very affectionate and, according to Antoinette, simply special in every way.

A Kelpie cross, he came into Antoinette’s life as a rescued dog from Animal Aid. He must have been lost because I just can’t imagine anyone not wanting him in their family. 

Tumbles and Antoinette have a very close bond and love nothing more than curling up together. His favourite thing is to be close to her and he often relaxes between her feet. Lucky Antoinette!


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Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, August 19, 2011

Echo retrieves again and again and yet again

It is such a delight to watch the endless joy certain dogs experience from fetching, especially when in the water. I am sure we could learn something from them about how to surrender ourselves to the pure pleasure of having fun. They have it nailed.

From the moment we arrived at the beach Echo was excited and ready to play with her ball and retrieve sticks from the long stretches of sand and the water. She found it very hard to wait while we took other family photos and showed great excitement when she was finally freed from her lead.

Echo, a Labrador Kelpie cross was adopted as a puppy from Animal Aid and has brought much love and laughter to Natalie and Evan. She now has the important role of teaching her new sibling Betty the ropes (see the blog written on August 12th). Betty is attached to her like a shadow but Echo doesn’t seem to mind in the least.

Annie commented on 22-Aug-2011 01:09 PM
What white teeth he has too. Who gets tired first, bet it is the person throwing the stick! Great photo too. Keep it up your standard is high.

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