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Milo the Maltese Poodle

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This delightful little dog called Milo, was a dear little soul who has sadly passed over the rainbow bridge.


Before crossing over, this Maltese Poodle cross was a playful and affectionate companion to Julie for 12 devoted years. He loved nothing more than greeting Julie at the door, wagging his tail with delight and smothering her with kisses. Such a joyful way to be welcomed home! 



He also loved playing chasey around the house or tug-of-war with his rope before spreading out across her chest to relax and recharge ready for the next game. Dancing with Julie in the lounge room was also a favourite way for these two to spend time together.

Partially blind, his response to noises was acute. If Julie was gardening in her rear yard and Milo heard someone at the front door he would come out to alert her that she had a visitor. He loved the company of Julie’s friends and often joined her on outings to visit them. 


At the end of the day, after all his exertion, he would go to Julie to be picked up and taken to his bed. 


Dressed in his resplendent silver coat and decorated with a happy smile, this handsome little boy will always occupy a very big part of Julie’s heart. It’s easy to see why.


R.I.P little one.

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Melbourne's Top Model

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joey - Melbourne's Top Model -
you can see why he attracted our vote!

I just love it when I find a dog or cat that perfectly matches an interior. I did so recently with a lovable little Maltese Poodle cross called Joey. Wouldn’t you swear this bedroom had been designed just for him! The fabric colours tone with his coat perfectly.

Joey was borrowed talent who happily settled into being photographed by me last week when I worked with talented Melbourne interior designer Fiona of Fiona McVey Interiors, www.fionamcveyinteriors.com 

We were told that he was very obedient and would sit, stay, beg and roll over on demand. Fiona and I could not coax the last two of his talents (although her young daughter could) but he mostly did what we asked of him and he certainly had a very endearing and happy personality. If we held treats in front of him he was particularly willing to do what we wanted. 

Joey was a smart dog with a good memory. When he arrived on the second day of his modeling assignment he proceeded directly upstairs and jumped straight up on to the bed ready for his first pose of the day - muddy feet and all! He certainly showed initiative and his willingness to help.

During the two days we spent with him, Joey provided us with lots of laughs and affection and certainly enhanced an enjoyable working environment.

One particularly amusing moment was when I accidently spilt the container of treats on the floor. Joey’s face lit up and he leapt up excitedly from the bed. I am sure he thought all his Christmases had come at once. Fiona had to quickly remove him from the room while I gathered up all the treats from the floor. Well, he did sniff out a couple I had missed when he came back into the room! Still I figured he had earnt those two.

We just loved having Joey around and he added an extra dimension of fun to our assignment and was great company. Both of us would have been more than happy if he had decided to move in and live with either of us.


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