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Melbourne Pet Photography - Good Buddies

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, June 28, 2013

Frank, Buddy’s dad, made the beautifully crafted tray on his ute so it seemed only fitting for this handsome Miniature Bull Terrier to use it as a prop during his photo session. I think he is the perfect model to show it off.

Totally deaf and blind in one eye, Buddy presented some challenges when attempting to attract his attention. All my usual tricks were not helpful so I had to resort to some strange antics which I am sure would have made a very entertaining home video. Food was also helpful and oddly he was particularly persuaded by bananas. 

Karin and Frank adore this gentle and calm fourteen year old and their love is returned in spades. His clownish markings echo his fun loving personality and his sense of humour keeps them always smiling and feeling good.

I spent only a couple of hours with Buddy but, even sharing his company for such a short time, he had the charm to leave me feeling on a complete high. Thanks Buddy. You are one gem of a dog.


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