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Pet Photography Melbourne - Fun Day at Pet Barn

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, May 23, 2013
Over the weekend I set up a display of pet photography at Pet Barn in Church Street, Richmond. Lots of dogs came in to see what was going on and these are a few snaps I took on Sunday afternoon.

TOP DOGS at Pet Barn Richmond

I came in for some treats but I'll pose for you

Trying on the in-store fashion - I think this one suits me don't you?

Checking out what's in store with my new Dad

Catching the sun outside the store while Mum and Dad shop

Would you like to serve me next?

I make the effort to dress well when I shop

My Mum is filling out the entry form to win a pet portrait. I hope I win it!

I know, I have the prettiest smile in the store!

Do you like my socks? I made them myself!

Sometimes a little dance earns me a treat

I'm so cute, I know they won't be able to resist giving me some kind of titbit

So Dad, well done - it was a good day!

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