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Ball Obsessed Dog Photographed in Melbourne

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, December 16, 2016


These days, most people with pets have hundreds of photos of them on their phones. So when I ask if I can see what their pet looks like they can readily find some cute shots of their adorable furry friends to illustrate all the amusing and endearing little things that they do.


However, this was not the case when I first met Melissa. She said her dog, Rupert, was camera shy and really hard to photograph  and she could only find one photo of him to show me. She had plenty of her family’s other dog, Spencer, who enjoys posing for the camera.

So, when I met up with Melissa and her brother Michael to photograph them with their family dog I was expecting to be challenged. Happily that did not prove to be the case and I ended up with so many great shots of this wonderful little character that it was hard to know what to share on my blog.


Part Pomeranian, part Terrier, Rupert is an affectionate character who loves interaction and planting kisses on Melissa's face. He presents himself as a beautiful golden-red ball of fluff who mostly wears a happy, smiling face. I saw him only briefly with a serious expression and weirdly it made him look like a completely different dog; in fact almost like a fox. However, every single time I look at his serious face I feel affection for him which in turn makes me have a little smile.


Rupert is, however, not at all fond of other dogs and likes to loudly stand his ground when one comes into view. Photographing in the inner city streets of Melbourne therefore had the potential of a dog-to-dog confrontation and a very stressed subject. I scouted for locations carefully in the hope of avoiding canine conflict but there were occasions when we had to block Rupert’s view of passers by.




Rupert’s attention is easily focussed when there is a ball in play. He will jump extremely high to catch one and I was fascinated by how accurate he was at the task. Very athletic and impressively steady when standing upright on his hind legs.

Pet-Shots-Photography-Pomeranian-Catching Ball


As these photos show, Rupert turned out to be the quite the model dog and I really enjoyed my outing with him.

Melissa and Michael now have a wonderful collection of images that show that when the attention is all on him, Rupert can rise to the occasion and be the star. 


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Pet Shots Photographer Finds Puppy Love

Lesley O'Donnell - Monday, April 07, 2014

Mother Meeko and her darling wee daughter Patchy

As I sat soaking up the sun on a New Zealand beach recently, the frenzied activity of three tiny little dots chasing each other around on the black sand caught my attention. As I watched, it became clear that three VERY SMALL dogs were enjoying a fun excursion at the beach. 

Watching their free play on this large expanse of wet sand, punctuated with the occasional frolic in the gently lapping waves, was so amusing.

I just had to meet them.

I devised a plan to walk up the beach and pass comment to the people accompanying them about how much I was enjoying their playful antics. When I got up close I realised how absolutely CUTE they really were. And tiny!

Patchy, with her oversized ears, was the puppy who really drew me in and I instantly fell in love with her. Seriously, if I lived in New Zealand, her new home would have been with me.

Shelly and her three children adopted Meeko, a Papillion Pomeranian cross, from a friend, not realising at the time she was expecting puppies. So instead of one dog they got many. The dad of these puppies is a Pomeranian Maltese cross so they all acquired very individual and endearing looks.

Charlie seeking the security of his human friend

Friends Tali and Chris adopted Charlie, this little wet black and white puppy. Patchy adored teasing her bigger brother and took every opportunity to chase him around. However, Charlie was a more timid soul and preferred to stay close to his human companions.

This family of tiny pooches injected such joy into my day and the memory of them makes me smile all over again.


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