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Marley Mums Adore Their Pugalier

Lesley O'Donnell - Monday, June 02, 2014


You know a dog called Marley is truly, deeply, madly loved when two women refer to themselves as “The Marley Mums.”

This is one lucky (and perhaps just a teeny, weeny bit spoilt) little pooch. 


Christine and her daughter Katie devote themselves to Marley and her wellbeing.  They would do anything for her and you can imagine their distress and tears when Marley recently had to endure an operation. Fortunately she came through okay and is now well and truly on the mend.

I photographed Marley at home last spring when Christine’s garden was a showcase of pink and purple splendour. It was the perfect setting to show off this Pugalier’s shiny black coat.


Loving and affectionate and fond of planting kisses, this little dog enjoys the company of her two human companions as much as they enjoy hers. Whether curled up together watching TV, playing fetch with her rope toy or out walking in their neighbourhood, these three just love being together. Her best canine friends are both German Sheperds. Although I wasn’t to see it, one of them holds Marley’s lead in her mouth when out walking together.  Adorable!

Christine chose a storybook album with a collection of photos that celebrate many of her favourite things - her daughter, her pooch, her home and her spectacular garden. Lovely, meaningful memories for her to cherish forever.


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