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Melbourne Pet Photography - Behind the Scenes

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, February 03, 2012

Tink keeps a focused eye on the prize


She performs her best tricks, certain her stunts will earn her a rather large treat

When she thinks no-one is watching she seizes the opportunity to help herself

Tink's perseverance is rewarded

Sometimes amusing antics go on when you have your back turned. If you are quick enough to respond you can capture the humour of the moment.

Mini Poodle Schnauzer cross, Tink, just couldn’t resist the bread Michaela had brought along as a prop. It was such an overwhelming temptation for her. At every moment when the bread was unattended, and she was not the model of the moment, she would come up with a ploy to sneak a roll. Eventually, much to our amusement, she got her prize and kept herself just out of our reach long enough to demolish it. 

One happy dog!

Annie commented on 03-Feb-2012 05:09 PM
Wow what pics, you must have quick reflexes to be able to capture that as I know she would be moving very quickly. Well done and what a lovely little dog as well but one can't blame her for helping herself, there for the taking and she "took"

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