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Pet Photography Melbourne - The Tall and The Small

Lesley O'Donnell - Monday, August 05, 2013

Two of my favourite things in life include photographing relationships and having clients who are willing to play and have fun. I also love using grimy inner city locations as the setting for my pet and portrait photography. On this shoot I won the trifecta.

I also love scruffy dogs and these two dogs, Belle and her much taller companion Islay, were delightfully scruffy in a groomed kind of way.

The funny thing for me was that many years ago I lived opposite a park and used to see this guy exercising his Great Dane and much smaller Jack Russell there. I always thought these two dogs together would make a great photo but regretfully never commanded the courage to go over and ask.

Anyway, all these years later I met the guy I had seen so many times in the past. Callum now has another big dog, this time a friendly, forever smiling Scottish Deerhound. His partner Ken has the smaller golden Australian Terrier so at last I got to photograph the tall and the small together. It was fun!


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