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Pet Photography Melbourne - Rescued in Japan

Lesley O'Donnell - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Dog ownership is not as common in Japan as it is here and until recently dogs were kept for more utilitarian purposes rather than as valued members of a family. 

But, when Miyako first set eyes on Hannah she fell very much in love with her and decided at that moment to rescue her, again not something commonly done in Japan. She took the responsibility of bringing a puppy into her life seriously; so seriously that she gave up work to care for her. Luckily she had the full support of her husband Jim in doing this.

With an independent and confident personality Hannah is a mix of two Japanese breeds, a Kai and a Shiba, not dogs that I have come across before. She is not a cuddly type but does enjoy being chased around in the yard by 11 year old Joey. Loyal and obedient, she also loves to venture out into nearby parks for extended walks.

She is so adored by her family that they brought her with them when they immigrated to Australia. A true love story for one very lucky dog.


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