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Pet Photography Melbourne - St Bernards

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, September 05, 2013

Friday and Scarlett are magnificent St Bernards who are sometimes not aware of their size and how it determines what is appropriate behaviour. Humourously, when Scarlett was younger she tried to occupy the lap of someone when their smaller breed dog vacated the position.

These two much loved dogs usually reside in Brisbane but are having a hiatus in Melbourne for the year with pet parents Kathy and Ian. When I photographed these two Kathy was keen to incorporate locations that spoke of Melbourne. I think we succeeded with the street scene featuring a grand Victorian era home, a stately wrought iron fence and a hibernating tree.

Friday is the older of the two and is very, very laid back in her nature. Her favourite pastime is to just chill with her human companions. She is loyal and protective and demonstrated this wonderfully when she once tried to prevent Kathy and Ian’s nephew, who has special needs, from going into the ocean for a swim. Very fitting for a dog that was originally bred as a rescue dog.

Affectionate Scarlett loves to please and is absolutely mortified if she is reprimanded. She is still full of puppy playfulness and adores going for walks to explore her temporary urban neighbourhood.

This breed of dog historically lived in cold climate countries. Recently Friday and Scarlett were introduced to the snow and apparently took to it as if it was where they belonged. It would have been fun to watch.


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