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Double Trouble - Melbourne Cat Photography

Lesley O'Donnell - Friday, April 18, 2014

Kittens, like all baby animals, are so impossibly cute. They are hard to resist and have the power to make you fall in love with them. Just ask Mat who went off in search of one kitten and came home with two. 


Tabby cats Casper and Spike are brothers, alike but fortunately not quite identical in appearance or mannerisms. This is lucky because I was wondering how I was going to tell them apart. Their size difference helped as Casper is quite a lot bigger than Spike. Perhaps this is because, when he thinks he can get away with it, he helps himself to Spike’s meals as well as his own.

Now 10 years old, these two male cats are so adored by Caroline and Mat that they brought them across from the UK when they moved to Melbourne. It seems only natural to bring the two beings who make you feel calm, happy, chilled and loved to share your new home, no matter how far the journey may be.



Spike, the smaller of the two cats, loves to sit up on the back of the couch and watch the world go by outside the window. He also loves investigating small spaces and is content to curl up inside the smallest of boxes. In his more playful moments he enjoys being teased with a feather on a stick.


Casper has a special fondness for Mat and adores snuggling up over his shoulder. He has a loving and cuddly nature but can also be somewhat mischievous and likes to play with anything that Spike is amusing himself with. Typical sibling rivalry.

Casper’s favourite toy is a mouse on a string but he has been known to use the same hunting skills to catch and destroy giant live moths.

Fascinatingly these two cats are trained to come on command to a whistle. Clever.

They also have their teeth regularly cleaned which is something I have never come across before. Each has a tiny toothbrush and special feline toothpaste. I was intrigued to observe the process and see that they didn’t seem to mind.


I discovered at the end of our photography session, that both cats would look wherever I wanted if a piece of ham was held up in front of them. A new feline seduction trick for me to employ in the future.


This family of four will feature in our forthcoming coffee table book Connected Tales 3. If you would like your pets to star alongside Casper and Spike and help us raise funds for Animal Aid please register here. We would love to have you onboard.


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Beloved Baker Boy

Lesley O'Donnell - Thursday, March 06, 2014

Striking is the most appropriate word to describe this tabby Domestic Shorthair cat. With his vibrant orange nose, bright green eyes and magnificent coat he presents himself as a work of art.

Baker’s beautiful symmetrical stripes are clearly visible for all to see. However, when he rolls over onto his back hopeful of a tummy rub, you discover he conceals cheetah-like spots on his chubby underbelly. This kittenish position also reveals the jet black soles on his paws. Claire cherishes these things about her beloved cat.

His lively nature is revealed in bed where Baker loves to pounce on Claire and Bob’s toes. I suspect they wriggle them a little to enhance and lengthen the activity.

Boisterous Baker’s love of amusing games also keeps Bob entertained. He loves to indulge Baker by playing with him and has given him many feline toys to keep him playfully occupied. Favourite interactions revolve around feathers, toy mice and a long brightly coloured tunnel. 

This rescued cat was fortunate to find such a loving home.  He brings so much joy into it.


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