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Doggie Friends Become Family

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Photographing four dogs together is always a challenge but when all four are white look-a-likes the assignment is even greater. 

Sharing identical cute little button-eyed expressions and with the same shade of velvety, pale pink lining their alert ears these four West Highland Terriers appeared to also have an allegiance with the same talented groomer. When I first laid eyes on them they seemed to all look exactly the same.

I did know one was a male dog and as I became more familiar I could see that Bailey was overall larger with slightly more masculine facial features. Helpfully, he also wore a blue collar which distinguished him from Bonnie, Pavlova and Bombe Alaska. Don’t you just love the unique names of these dogs! So witty and clever!


These four Westies used to live as pairs in two separate households. However, when Siobhan and Kelly set up home together these four little pooches became one eye-catching blended family. I imagine they attract a great deal of attention when they venture out on their walks.

The request was to have all four dogs running together towards the camera but this proved to be impossible as when they were let off their leashes they all headed in completely different directions. Again and again and again. I suggested using my magic Photoshop skills to blend a shot of each dog to make up one image but this idea was rejected. The owners wanted the shot to be authentic.

So this is the image that was chosen as a signature piece to decorate their home. I am sure it will continue to bring a bemused smile each time it is glimpsed. 


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