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Driving in My Car

Lesley O'Donnell - Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ready for adventure and fun

Aiden is a Heeler/Kelpie cross who loves to have fun, stay close and show affection. I think she has also learnt a handy new skill - how to pose for a photo. I had such fun with her and my camera and the resulting photos brought a smile to my face and I walked away from the shoot on a complete a high.

As you can see Aiden loves to ride in Leah’s convertible car but earlier in her life she was hit by a vehicle and lost one of her back legs. She also developed epilepsy, possibly as a result of this accident, but it is under control and she certainly doesn’t let either affliction stop her doing anything. She will play fetch for as long as you have the energy to keep up with the game.

She has the most gentle nature and loves to rest against Leah’s legs and just be close to her. She stares into your soul and melts your heart. At least she did with mine.

Maxwell commented on 09-Feb-2011 12:42 PM
Sounds like a lovely dog but I do hope she/he doesn't ride in the front seat while they are driving, just in case she/he gets carried away by something and jumps onto Leah's lap which could cause an accident. Great photo though and Aiden is obviously well loved. Great.

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