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One Lucky Cat

Lesley O'Donnell - Saturday, February 28, 2015


This is one special cat. He even uses a surname!

Most cats spend their entire lives inside their homes or accompanying backyards and seldom venture further afield than their immediate neighbourhoods. Not so with Pepper. 

He began his life in Saudi Arabia, now lives in Melbourne and will possibly immigrate in the future to another distant corner of the big wide world.

This very handsome Persian/Turkish Angora feline goes everywhere, except to work, with Dorris. I must say I was surprised when she came for her photography planning appointment with Pepper untethered and snuggled up in her arms. 

That’s when I learnt that he accompanies Dorris on walks along suburban streets, goes with her to the market and on other outings. He is content to be with her and never tries to free himself from her embrace.


He is treated like a grandchild by her mother and when she knitted Dorris and her husband Shwen scarves, Pepper got one too. He certainly looks very dapper wearing it.

When a kitten, Pepper was very inquisitive and fearless. He is very fortunate that the saying, “curiosity killed the cat” wasn’t his swan song. Twice he fell from high balconies; the first time 2 storeys up and the second from an apartment on the sixth floor. Luckily he survived without injury and it was possibly Dorris and Shwen who were more shaken up by the incident. 

Understandably, Dorris now has a deep desire to protect him and this is possibly why he now leads such an inclusive lifestyle. 

Pepper loves to stalk (although not hunt) and his favourite game is hide and seek and catch me if you can. This fluffy cuddle-muffin eats his dry food directly from Dorris’s hand and enjoys curling up in bed alongside her.


Dorris rescued Pepper when in Saudi Arabi and I can see that everyday he repays her in spades. 


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