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Debora Campbell - Proprietor of Sam’s Place Home Stay for Dogs

Thanks again for a lovely day on Friday - it was a great experience and such fun to have my photo taken without thinking about it - instead I was focused on making sure Sam and Jo were looking their best for the camera! Which they clearly did - the photos are gorgeous. It just shows what someone who knows what they are doing can do - unlike my phone shots which are cute but .....

Isabelle Asfar

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the beautiful photo album of Chloe, Smudge and I. When I found out about Chloe's terminal illness, I thought some professional photos would be an ideal opportunity to capture the loving and unique relationship I have with my pets.

I will treasure this album and when the time comes for me to say goodbye to my beautiful puppy Chloe, and eventually my 13 year old cat Smudge, these photos will always serve as the perfect reminder of the amazing memories I have with my dear "babies".

Thank you again for your hospitality and service. I wish you all the best in the future.

Kathy Dell - Appreciative Mother

Our eldest son is now a teenager and we have had Lesley photographing our family ever since I was pregnant with him. Every time she manages to record something special about where my boys are in their lives and we have a priceless collection of great photos that show them growing up. Over the years our family photos have included our beloved pets and we love having photos of them too. The photo of our pet rainbow lorikeet kissing our youngest son illustrates how quick and talented Lesley is at seeing and capturing special exchanges. We are thrilled with how Lesley's photos have given our family such valuable memories.

Leanne Temme - Portrait Photographer

Lesley photographed our much loved scruffy dog "Archie" and made him look so cute! I was very impressed to see all the tricks and treats she used to coach "expressions" from our dog. She is a master! The range of interesting ideas she came up with to give us a variety of pictures to choose from was fantastic. We love seeing "our Archie" pictures hanging on our wall as they make us fall in love with him all over again.

Margaret Kyriakidis 'Totally Captivated'

After trying unsucessfully for a number of years to 'capture in photos' what I see in the faces, actions and characteristics of my two beautiful dogs Ted and Rosie, Lesley was able to sucessfully achieve in one session. Even more surprisingly Lesley photographed me with my dogs and I could not be more delighted with these photos. I can not remember a photo taken in the last twenty years of myself that I have felt happy to display until now, because I believe these photos refect the real relationship I have with my dogs as I feel it. Not only do I want to thank my daughters for this wonderful gift, I want to thank Lesley for her gifted work, yet I have no words that adequately express how appreciative I am of these precious photos that I will cherish always.